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“It is in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough—it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.”

Steve Jobs, in introducing the iPad 2 in 2011

“Pyramids, cathedrals, and rockets exist not because of geometry, theories of structures, or thermodynamics, but because they were first a picture-- literally a vision--in the minds of those who built them. Society is where it is today because people had the perception; the images and the imagination; the creativity that the Arts provide, to make the world the place we live in today.”

Eugene Ferguson, Historian

CCCAE Bylaws


(Revised 2010)

 These bylaws are applicable within the authorization established by the Board of Trustees of the California State University and the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.


The name of this organization shall be The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly, referred to in these bylaws as The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly. (“CCCAE”)


 Section 1 – Purpose

The primary purpose[s] of The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly will be to provide professional development for teachers throughout the Central Coast and provide a center for innovative research in comprehensive arts education, school reform that allows educators to discover new resources through collaborative interdisciplinary research and education.

The goals of the CCCAE are:

  1. To develop an innovative interdisciplinary research program in support of the CCCAE mission
  2. To provide the infrastructure required to meet the CCCAE mission
  3. To provide opportunities for the professional development of faculty through basic and applied research and development activities
  4. To provide a clearing house for information of interest to practitioners and to conduct workshops, conferences and outreach programs for the continuing education of professional educators
  5. To foster the professional growth and development of its members
  6. To enhance the curriculum by supplementing academic learning for undergraduate, graduate and career professionals interested in teaching K-12
  7. To develop opportunities for students to practice their academic disciplines and receive supplemental training in all art forms
  8. To create an active learning environment for our students and faculty
  9. To provide supplementary educational support by acquiring gifts, general purpose grants and equipment donations that enhance the viability of the CCCAE
  10. To develop partnerships, relationships and opportunities with industry, government and community organizations, and other educational institutions involved with arts education.
  11. To communicate with the educational community and general public the importance of art education to children.

 The CCCAE will serve as a vehicle for securing industrial sponsorship and support to sustain art education oriented projects at CCCAE.

 The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly will be financed by grants, contracts, and revenue generated by  Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly activities.

 Section 2 – Policies

The policies of this Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly shall be in harmony with the policies of the California State University, the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo ("University"), and the California Polytechnic State University Corporation (“Corporation”)


 Section 1 – Participants

Participants may be faculty, staff, and students of the University or Corporation, and affiliated researchers, consultants, industry representatives, association representatives,and others interested in The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly.

.a – Faculty:  Faculty participants are persons appointed by the University to faculty rank and participating in the activities of The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly.

b – Staff:  Staff participants are persons employed by the University or Corporation and participating in the activities of The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly.

 c – Students:  Student participants are persons engaged in study at the University on either a full-time or part-time basis and participating in the activities of The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly.

 d – Affiliated Researchers:  Affiliated researchers are faculty or other persons from outside the University who carry out or collaborate on research and/or other projects under the auspices of the  Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly.

 e – Industry Representatives:  Industry representatives are persons actively engaged in the arts and art education as practitioners, vendors, or industry advocates.

f – Association Representatives:  Association representatives are persons affiliated with a professional or trade association/organization representing  Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly interests and activities.

 Section 2 – Approval to Participate

All interested faculty, staff, and students of the University or Corporation, and interested parties outside of the University, are eligible to participate in The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly upon approval by the Executive Committee and the Director. Any faculty, staff, student, or outside participant may recommend individuals for participation in the CCCAE.  Such recommendations shall be made to the Director.

 Section 3 – Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of participation shall be determined by the Director, in consultation with the Executive Committee.


 Section 1 – Administration

The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly administration shall include a Director, Executive Committee, and External Advisory Board.

 Section 2 – Director

  1.  The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly will be administered by a Director who will be a Cal Poly faculty or staff member and who will be nominated by the executive committee and will be elected by a vote of the executive committee and external advisory board participants.  Any interested faculty or staff advisory board member may place their name in nomination to serve as the director of CCCAE.  A ballot will be created and a simple majority will carry the vote.  This will be presented to the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts for approval. The term of appointment is three (3) years.

 The Director will be an active Cal Poly faculty or staff member. A faculty/staff Director will serve on a released time or added compensation basis. The amount of time will vary from quarter to quarter and will depend on available funds and anticipated work load for the particular quarter.  The Director will report to their immediate associate dean, departmental supervisor or chair. The Director shall appoint an Associate Director in consultation with the Executive committee and the External Advisory Board.  The duties of the associate Director are outlined in Article V Sec. 2.

 The Director shall submit an annual report following each academic year to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, appropriate college deans, and the Dean of Research and Graduate Programs. The report shall include a summary of the year's activities and a financial report, as well as information on scholarly publications and technical reports, honors and awards to faculty and any other noteworthy achievements.

 Section 3 – Executive Committee

 1.    An Executive Committee shall be formed, consisting of the Director and the Associate Director and up to three other member from the External Advisory Board participants. Executive committee member(s) other than the Executive Director will have a 1 year term, renewable for 5 years.

 The Executive Committee shall consist of five to seven members, including the Director and the Director's immediate supervisor or delegate.

 The Executive Committee shall be responsible for:

a) approving candidates for CCCAE participation;

b) recommending members of the External Participants;

c) recommending  Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly programs and activities;

d) developing operating guidelines to implement  Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly programs and activities; and

e) advising the Director on matters of general policy and operations.


 Section 1 – Membership

External Participants ("Advisory Board") members are those persons recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by a majority vote to serve in an advisory capacity to the Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly.

  1. An External Advisory Board shall be established consisting of no more than ten individuals from academia, the teaching community in San Luis Obispo County, professional artists and arts administrators.
  2. The Executive Committee and Participant members shall recommend a list of nominees for approval each year as members leave or rotate off the board.  Approval will be by simple majority.
  3.  Elections  All elections shall be performed by ballot and shall be decided by simple majority.  

 Terms of Office

  1. The Director shall be appointed for a three year renewable term.
  2. The Associate Director shall be appointed annually for a renewable two year term
  3.  Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for renewable two year terms
  4.  The External Advisory Board participants shall be appointed annually for renewable two year terms

 Section 2 –Duties of Executive and External Advisory Board

Duties of the Director

The principal function of the Director shall be to provide leadership and such organization as shall be necessary to implement the mission and goals of the CCCAE.  The duties of the Director shall be general and in keeping with the intent of the office expressed above.

1. The Director will be the official signatory of the CCCAE on all official documents, such as research grant applications, and letters pertaining to the entire membership

2. The Director shall appoint Ad-Hoc Committees when needed

3. The Director shall procure funds for the CCCAE operations budget through grant-writing and fund-raising as appropriate.

4. The Director shall act as a liaison between the membership and the Cal Poly administration and any other outside agencies with which the CCCAE does business

5. The Director shall met with and seek advice and direction from the Advisory Board

Duties of the Associate Director

1.  The principal function of the Associate Director shall be to oversee and coordinate the day to day-operations of the CCCAE projects at school sites and in the community, organize professional development workshops and help oversee outreach programs. 

2. The Associate Director will act as a liaison between the Center and County School Districts and Administrators. 

Duties of the Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee shall meet at least four times a year, prior to each of the quarterly meetings.  The Director or Associate director may call additional meetings as necessary.  The principal functions of the Executive Committee are the planning and implementation of the following activities:

  1.  Discuss and recommend action on funding opportunities
  2.  Provide recommendations to the Director for leadership action
  3.  Discuss and recommend on issues of strategic planning
  4.  Discuss and recommend on policy issues
  5.  Recommend Ad Hoc Committees
  6.   Review and vote on proposals as necessary
  7.   Draft the Annual Retreat Agenda

 Duties of the External Advisory Board Participants

External Advisory Board Participants are encouraged to be actively engaged in the activities of the CCCAE. They may propose programs to be implemented by The CCCAE. If approved, these programs will receive CCCAE support as necessary and possible. Participants will have priority consideration in CCCAE activities and interaction with industry. Participants are expected to support the programs of The CCCAE and assist the Director in program development.

 Additionally, Center Participant members are expected to participate in or advise on all professional activities of the Center.  Because of the interdisciplinary emphasis embodied in the center goals, it is expected that Participant members will engage in joint projects that facilitate interdisciplinary perspectives and cooperation.  These projects will become part of the workshops offered to teachers throughout San Luis Obispo County. 

1. CCCAE Professional Development Workshops

 The Center shall sponsor periodic workshops that involve Liberal Studies students, School of Education (SOE) and university students interested in the arts and education, area teachers and art professionals. 

2. Research Activities and Project Grants

The participants of the CCCAE shall actively seek outside funding to support its activities.  One or more Participant members may initiate these efforts, either alone or with non-member collaborators, on behalf of the Center as a whole.  It is expected that proposals be initiated in the CCCAE name and overhead funds will be returned to the appropriate Cal Poly institutional offices of the Grants Development office.  Prior to submission an executive summary of the proposal shall be submitted to the director for review.  Whenever possible grants should include a 2.5% CCCAE fee.  All grants will be submitted through the Cal Poly Grants Office.

3.  Solicitation of Additional External Support

An ongoing aim of the Center is to obtain outside funding to promote arts education.  This shall include developing proposals to fund training in all art forms for undergraduate, SOE credential track students, and teachers and professional artists working in the field.

4. Publications

Advisory Board Participants will be actively encouraged to publish the results of their research individually or collectively in appropriate referred journals and present reports about their projects at appropriate conferences.  Copies of all articles and conference papers will be held in the Digital Commons of the Cal Poly Library.  The director will submit all required reports to the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies.  These will be submitted to the Vice President of Academic Affairs through the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies.

5.  Consultation

The Center shall serve as an entity to advise and be consulted by the administration and the community on affairs related to Arts Education. 

6. Outreach

The Participants will be encouraged to inform faculty and community members throughout San Luis Obispo County, teachers and students of CCCAE activities, workshops and opportunities from which they can benefit.  They will also be encouraged to use the resources of the Center to enrich the courses that they teach. 

 Annual Retreat and Yearly Meetings: 

The full participants of the CCCAE will hold an annual retreat for the purpose of evaluating how goals driving activities of the past year were advanced.  At this meeting CCCAE goals and activities for the coming year will be outlined.  Present will be the director, executive committee and any interested participants members.  All Participant members will be invited to attend.   Meetings should be held quarterly throughout the year.  

  1. 8.    CCCAE Brochure and Web Page The Center will communicate its activities annually through the maintenance of any necessary promotional materials and web page.

 Section 3 – Meetings

It is required that the whole Board consisting of Director, Associate Director and Executive committee and external advisory board participants will meet at least once a year to review Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly programs and to provide general direction to  CCCAE.  It is expected that the whole board will meet quarterly. The Board may elect to meet for special purposes at any other time upon agreement of a majority of Board members.

 Section 4 – Number Constituting a Quorum

A majority of Board members shall constitute a quorum.


 Section 1 – Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall correspond to that of the Corporation.

 Section 2 – Accounts and Audit

The books and accounts of The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly shall be kept by the Corporation and shall be audited annually in accordance with Corporation policies.

 Section 3 – Funding

Funding for The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly shall come from private or governmental grants and contracts, gifts, and fees from  Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly-generated short courses, conferences, and  Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly-generated publications.

 All contracts include a CCCAE fee when allowed by the funding agency.  On federal grants this will be part of the 45% negotiated indirect costs received by the university foundation.   These funds shall be deposited in the CCCAE operations account

 Section 4 – Dissolution

In the event The Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly is dissolved, any assets remaining after payment of all debts and liabilities shall be distributed to the Corporation in trust for the Theatre and Dance Department, the Art and Design Department and the Music Department equally. If debts and liabilities exceed assets, the[College of Liberal Arts will be responsible for said debts and liabilities.


The bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Executive Committee with the approval of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, and the Dean of Research and Graduate Programs. Any participant in the Central Coast Center for Arts Education at Cal Poly may propose amendments to the bylaws.

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